Ambassadoro turns your employees into raving fans

You spend a lot of time & money getting strangers to help your brand. Now easily incentivize your employees to share your content, social media posts, job postings, and culture.
Turn employees into ambassadors

Here's what we can do

Make it Easy For Employees
Make it fun to spread the word about your business! Right now, your team has to follow your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, podcast, and job postings to see what's going on with your business. Ambassadoro takes that pain away and makes it easy for them to share, and for you to track those shares.
Increase Your Sales
Some of your best sales come from referrals in your employee's immediate network. Make it easy for your team to get your product or service in front of more people.
Hire People Faster
Forbes did a study that over 78 percent of employers believe their best hires are referrals from their team. Lower your recruitment & hiring costs by giving your team an incentive to share your jobs.
Increase Employee Retention
Sometimes employees forget how great it is to work for you! That's normal, but now you can show them how awesome it is by giving them a way to share your best stuff in one place.
Improve Brand Awareness
You're probably spending tons of time and money on ads, content marketing, SEO, and more to get the word out. But you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees who want to share the word about you... if it was easy (P.S. we make it easy).
Know Who Loves You
With our leaderboard you'll always know which of your employees share your content the most, refer the most employment candidates, drive the most referred sales, and more.

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